Esprit d’escalier

Things Joe Biden might have said after Sarah Palin asked him, “Can I call you Joe?”

  • “That would be fine, Governor Palin.”
  • “Whatever you like, sweetcheeks.”
  • “Say, that’s pretty cute. Isn’t she cute, ladies and gentlemen?”
  • “Really??”
  • “Did John put you up to that? It sounds like his lame sense of humor.”
  • “Sure, Sarah. Cute shoes.”
  • “No.”

And winked at her.

2 thoughts on “Esprit d’escalier

  1. She REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to use that “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” that her handlers had pre-prepared for her.

  2. I agree. I was embarassed that Saturday Night Live caught it, in the first few seconds of that opening sketch; the “oh good, ‘cos i got a zinger prepared with that” (i’m paraphrasing)- and I had not.

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