Useful words

From my obsolete word calendar:

  • agacerie: allurement; attractive air; bewitching grace
  • twistical: not quite moral
  • cephaleonomancy: divination by a broiled ass’s head
  • French nuts: walnuts

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Useful words

  1. The twistical agacerie of cephaleonomancy might be warranted, in this instance, but I think I’ll just stick to my French nuts, instead.

  2. Truly obsolete? Not used, perhaps, but still useful.

    Like anytime W holds press conference while on summer sabbatical at his ranch: cephaleonomancy.

  3. Twistical? As in Governor, Vice Presidential Candidate, and “Pro-Lifer” Bunny’s decision to have a fetus tested in-uetero- as if a particular diagnosis might have an influence on a decision to keep a child? If she’s staunchly pro life, isn’t it twistical that she would undergo such a test at all?

  4. As a right wing nut myself, I would say the only justification would be to ensure proper preparedness at the time of birth given she is of what the doctors would call “advanced maternal age” (AMA), and for that reason, in the “high-risk” category. My wife was also of AMA, but we decided the (albeit slightly) increased risk of spontaneous abortion the procedure includes just wasn’t worth it to us.

    IOW, you may think some of her policies are twistical, but I’d say that particular decision probably wasn’t. Twistical is still a really cool word, though.

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