Labyrinth, 9/5/08

Here’s a photo of what I’ve laid out this as of afternoon:

It’s nearly 9:00 pm now, and I’m sitting out here by the fire in the center of the labyrinth, candles all round, appropriately new age music playing in the background, margaritas at my elbow. I’m supposedly learning lines, but of course it’s too dark to see anything.

Notice the successive approximations at the entrance at the bottom of the photo. I’m sure there’s some way to make that accurate. I’ve found that the problem is making the center larger than the width of the course of the path. That throws everything else off, which is OK, because I’ve also found that the irregularities of the labyrinth are part of what give it its power. If it were geometrically perfect, it wouldn’t attract us, I don’t think.

The irony of that is that it can be demonstrated (although I can’t find the link) that the entire pattern is a variation of the Greek key (meander) pattern, a purely geometric function if there ever was one. Perhaps there’s something about moving from the paternal grid to the maternal circle that throws everything off.

Now it’s all a matter of deciding how I want to do this. What stones, how well-built, how much money, how much time?

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 9/5/08

  1. Cool. I’ m avoiding learning lines, as well.

    If you’d like more avoidance, here’s a web page devoted to labyrinths that we did a couple of years ago when we were doing the Joseph Campbell RoundTable in Rome. We had a lot of fun with this topic. Enjoy.

    (This reminds me … I need to really get cracking on the Newnan version of this RoundTable, as I promised the Joseph Campbell Foundation I would.)

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