Sorry for the silence

I know I haven’t posted anything this week, our dog Winnie has been at the vet all week, and no one’s sure even now what’s wrong with her or whether she’s going to be OK or not. I’ve had to devote my attention to other things (even as I type this, there is a cat who normally leaves me alone prowling about my table and demanding that I hold her.) Lots of Niggle/George to deal with.

So the symphony has been stalled all week. I listened to the Largo for the first time in a week yesterday, and actually I liked what I heard. It’s pretty clear that I have to repeat the grand theme grander, but after that, I’m pretty clueless about what should happen next. I’ve been playing with the agitato theme in the major, but that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Lack of skill on my part, I know.

There’s another blog post I started working on yesterday, but it’s going to take me a while to finish it.

So, alas, still nothing to read here. Move along.

update, midmorning: The agitato theme has begun to go somewhere. All hell has broken loose. I hope it lasts.

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