IV. Lento. Well.

If you’ve been keeping up, you will remember that this morning I despaired of moving IV. Lento, Allegro beyond the repetition of the main theme, but then I posted an update saying that “all hell had broken loose.”


Here’s the mp3 of the new bits. I don’t know that you can tell whether the hell had broken loose. This is what happened. There was no way around repeating the main theme (the Rachmaninoff ripoff), so I just did that. It’s fairly blatty, but at least it’s out of the way. I’ll polish later.

Then I sat down and started playing with the agitato theme, seeing what I could do with that. I’ve been using 12-staff folio score paper to sketch on, and suddenly I found that I had three of these booklets going at one time, with bits and pieces linked across pages, back and forth. As I tinkered with each strand, suddenly each would split, generating another strand on another page that had to be written and then tied back in to the original.

All in all, by the time I quit for lunch and the Masterworks concert, I had sketched out enough music to double the length of the movement so far, and get us all the way to the Big Time Recapitulation of the Rachmaninoff Ripoff™ them.

So what I’ve done here is put the piano sketches into the score. You may not be able to tell where this is heading, orchestration-speaking-wise, but it’s in my head somewhere.

We start (after the twin statements of the Rachmaninoff Ripoff™ theme) with a statement of the agitato theme, very wistful, with simple 8th-note accompaniment. Then it undergoes diminution as well as picking up the tempo, and we’re treated to a variety of keys.

Suddenly the agitato theme inverts, and we get more adventure. Notice the new motif : two descending eighth-notes and a quarter. It starts out innocently enough but immediately swerves into startling harmonic changes.

You may be surprised to hear the original agitato theme enter in a definitely minor treatment, I reserve the right to expand that section. Right now it’s only four measures, the theme repeated.

And then we’re back to the Rachmaninoff Ripoff™ theme. Be patient and keep listening. There are a few more surprises before we hit the Big Time Recapitulation, which is where I stopped.

Marc should be very proud. I just vomited it all up on the page, tied it all together, and stuck it in the score. Now I’ll refine it over the next few days. Those who followed the orchestration of 10. Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way will remember what fun that is.

One thought on “IV. Lento. Well.

  1. Very proud. And a big Burgundian belly laugh of confirmation from Varese, too, I imagine (first composer coming to mind who confessed to cutting and pasting). Due to my slow down woes, I can’t listen, but Go, Dog, Go!

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