III. Allegro gracioso

Saturday and today I worked on the GHP parent orientation video, and I finished it.

Yesterday, as I posted then, I worked on IV. Lento, hammering out a stürm und drang section that may not stand.

But then I got bored of the heaviness of it all and took a break by sketching out themes for the third movement of the symphony. As you probably all know, the third movement was a minuet in Mozart/Haydn’s day, and then Beethoven ramped it up into a scherzo, where it’s stayed with a few modifications here and there. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Mahler.)

So I’ve decided I want mine to be a waltz, a luscious, swirling, Straussian waltz. When I’m walking around, I can actually improvise waltz themes with an amazing felicity, but everything I wrote down yesterday was pretty leaden. I think what I need to do is get a little handheld recorder and take a walk and just sing into it. Then I can transcribe it all when I get home.

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