IV. Lento, another piece

I forged ahead this morning, and I like it all except the very end of it. It’s not pesante enough. I had it all harmonized, but stripped almost all of that out and left it unison, and I’ve dropped everything down at least an octave.

Perhaps if I moved all the lower bass notes up an octave so that all the notes are no more than one octave apart…

Anyway, after I resolve that issue, then there’s one more slow bit before we hit the G major fabulousness. I may repeat some variant of the opening, or I may play it with strings only, very atonal and astringent. I’ll have to fiddle with it.

Here’s the new section. It starts where the opening left off.

In other news, Vampira is dead. I only read about it this morning in this week’s Time magazine, and I don’t know why I didn’t hear about it last week. I clearly missed checking Metafilter that day.

3 thoughts on “IV. Lento, another piece

  1. I know what it’s missing in that last measure or so: woodblocks or slapstick. Plus maybe xylophone. Something dry and percussive, anyway.

  2. Or is it too big, too much? Maybe I need to keep the inchoate, stuck-in-the-throat mood of the opening and work through that. This section could certainly put in an appearance later in the movement, after the G major fabulousness and even after the agitato section.

  3. Actually, I LOVE the new section, and I think it could be even bigger, even more cacophonous. The link for the opening no longer works, for some reason.

    I’m going to start incorporating some of this into the script. Like when he walks, he should be humming some of this stuff.

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