I couldn’t help myself.

I fully intended to work on a) the three songs from Moonlight that have been occupying me; and b) Assignment L.08.1, but somehow, I sketched out the opening to the last movement of the symphony.

Let’s see if my new plug-in works, allowing me to embed the mp3 file here. (You should see a blue arrow to click on.)

Not bad for a first draft. I know that a real orchestra will balance the brass choir better than I can, so ignore the obstreperous tones of the first trombonist here. I think maybe those low C “oomphs” may need some low brass under them. We’ll see.

In case you’ve forgotten, I stole this theme from my Sonatina Four Hands for piano, and this is where we’re heading. (Some weird tempo stuff going on there, but this was a Finale 97 file that thank goodness Finale 08 deigned to even open.)

Off to pack up Christmas stuff.

6 thoughts on “Sorry.

  1. FYI, because I’m a dork, I have created a blog for all of us Lichtenbergians, for two reasons. 1) That way Dale doesn’t have to clog up his blog posts and comments with our ramblings. And 2) That way Dale doesn’t always have to be the one to initiate discussions.

    The address of the blog is

    And the sign in for when you’d like to post something is our group email (dork) which is
    p/w: tomorrow1

    Feel free to play around and make changes to the profile/layout/etc. That’s just what I picked.

    Now that I am back home and have regular access to an internet connection, I look forward to talking with you guys again.


  2. Cool. Off-topic AND a place to waste more time! Tomorrow is indeed better! Yeeee-haw!

  3. Thanks, Mike–I have not qualms but questions about the new blog. I’ve posted them there, of course, so everyone go there now and respond.

  4. Dale:
    Grief-stricken is a good description of the tone of this piece. If that’s what you were going for, I think you have got it.

    Mike: Thanks for the new blog. It looks great. I did respond to Dale’s comment there.

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