Lichtenbergian business

Besides writing our Charter, we have one other order of business.

Charter Member Jeff Bishop has suggested in other comments that we band together to donate to the ACE children’s toy drive, which is not doing so well this year. Jeff has nominated me ad hoc de facto treasurer for this opportunity, going so far as to not procrastinate and hand over money to me yesterday.

I’d like to make the donation no later than Monday, so if you’re in, bring me some money by this weekend. If you write a check, make it out to me. If you’re mailing a check, email me and let me know the amount and I’ll go ahead and include it.

Our total contribution so far is $60 $85 $105 $130 $155.

Today’s Writer’s Almanac had a reference to a bit of Lichtenbergian poetry, James Wright’s “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota.” You should read it.

11 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian business

  1. I’m sorry. I should have put this off. I pledge to do better next time. Tomorrow, after all, is a better day.

  2. I’ll be in for $20 if someone will cover me. I’ll pay whoever it is back at the Charter Meeting on the 22nd. THAT’s the Lichtenberg way.

  3. I loved the poem. Sums up many a Saturday I’ve had. Only it omits the screaming children trying to push me off the hammock.

  4. Terry Maiers checks the blog for the first time in a week and is astonished that we have founded a world-unshattering movement in his absence. He’s in for $25.

  5. Should we make Scarlett O’Hara an honorary member? After all, she did almost create a decent dress, and then there’s that great “Tomorrow is another day…” thing.

  6. I wish to not follow the flow of love, here, and remind all that the other part of our nodding to Lichtenberg involves his observation that doing the exact opposite is also a form of imitation. This is not my refusal of payment, a check being forthcoming, but I am intrigued that the “other” aspect of Lichtenberg is what is being stitched up into fashionable vestments of the moment.

  7. The newspaper today says they’d like the checks by today, so I’m going ahead and deliver our contribution today. Last call for pledges! (It’s 10:48 am; I’ll check this post or my email at 3:00 before heading out to do errands.)

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