The Lichtenbergian Society (Article I)

I propose for the betterment of our SELVES, if not of ALL MANKIND, that we should form THE LICHTENBERGIAN SOCIETY.

We already have the stationery, the seal, and a motto, so now all we have to do is write our bylaws.

The motto, by the way, was developed in consultation with Drew Lasater, the GHP Latin Teacher Extraordinaire.

It is:

Cras melior est.

This means: Tomorrow is better.

Here it is in our seal:

Now, as for our BYLAWS, I have secured a sample nonprofit bylaws which we can use as a model. You may download the PDF file yourself to peruse it.

I’ll begin with ARTICLE I.


Section 1 , The Name of the SOCIETY shall be THE LICHTENBERGIAN SOCIETY.

Section 2 , The Purpose of this SOCIETY shall be the promulgation and promotion of Lichtenbergianism, to wit:

  • WHEREAS the German philosopher and scientist, GEORG CHRISTOPH LICHTENBERG, was renowned in his day for incorrigible procrastination, such that his further renown was hampered, and
  • WHEREAS the CHARTER MEMBERS of this SOCIETY are desirous of supporting each other’s efforts at procastinating in their own endeavors which might in fact result in further renown, insofar as is possible,
  • THEREFORE, we the undersigned do pledge and swear to further the renown of GEORG CHRISTOPH LICHTENBERG by putting off whatever we can in such a way as to be in solidarity with our fellow Lichtebergians.

Section 3 , The Motto of this SOCIETY shall be Cras melior est, which is to say, Tomorrow is better.

Section 4 , From time to time, as it shall seem necessary and appropriate to the Membership, and particularly in the period preceding the Annual Meeting, the Society shall make charitable donations such that, if not for themselves then perhaps for some few others of Mankind, Tomorrow should be Better.

Discuss. Add. Edit. Make it more mellifluous.

  • ARTICLE I proposed 12/12/07, CM Dale Lyles
  • Section 4 added 12/13/ 07, CM Dale Lyles

17 thoughts on “The Lichtenbergian Society (Article I)

  1. I love it. Here’s my contribution:
    Article II

    Section 1–New members may only join when asked current members, as actively seeking membership forfeits the SOCIETY’s principle belief in procrastination. Current memebers may invite new members to join whenever they get around to it.

    Section 2–Membership dues are to be $20 per year, payable by the first week of every year. However “I’ll get you next month” perfectly acceptable in lieu of payment.

  2. I might better say before I forget that this was really Jeff Bishop’s idea, entirely. But you know how I am about getting things off the ground.

  3. I think Section 1 of the second Article should outline the disposition of Charter Membership. Then we can move on to allowing others in.

    Section 1 , Charter Membership

    Section 2 , New Members

    Section 3 , Dues


    i.e., we just bump everything down one section.

  4. I just had a brainstorm: the seal needs to have some kind of alpine mountain behind GCL, fading away as it reaches its apex: that’s what his name means, Dwindling-Mountain. Maybe a starburst where the summit should be.

  5. Let’s discuss each ARTICLE in a separate post. That way we don’t get too messy. I’ll start an ARTICLE II post with Mike’s suggestions.

  6. Take all the time you need, of course. I have discovered that this is an excellent way to put off working on things that really matter.

  7. This is brilliant. Even if I did come up with it. Of course, I couldn’t be bothered with actually getting around to implementing it. Dale is to be commended for picking up the slack. In fact, he should be tossed out forthwith. Or whenever we get around to it. Which may be never.

  8. I want it known that I did not post yesterday, I did not go online and read yesterday, I did not sit before the screen yesterday, not even to hunt for obscure European pornography clips. I spent my time brooding about the lie that is my life and about what is yet to do. I fully expect the Society to expedite my canonization forthwith.

    I prefer The Society of Lichtenbergians because SOL resonates, and by no means as a sun reference.

  9. Marc, just remember what dear Oscar would have said: “Everyone’s life is a lie. Just make sure the lie is a beautiful one.”

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