Dream Land

I was actually able to work yesterday. I chose to forge ahead on the cute little number between Garrison and Elizabeth, “Dream Land,” in which they fantasize about how perfect life will be when they run away from their parents to get married.

Here’s what I added:

We’ll have
all of the money
to have all the fun we
Summers in Maine
and winters in Spain,
Glamorous parties
with tables at Sardi’s
Friends by the bucket,
a yacht in Nantucket,
We’ll face life unafraid
with dozens of maids
to serve us in

(in) Dream Land,
Life’s good
as it should be,
Everything’s peaches and cream,
We will be,
you and me, in
Dream Land.

Who knew that perfect wedded bliss
like this
could be ours today?
I know it’s true for me and you
when we both run away to find our


Insert Busby Berkely chorus ad lib.

I hacked out a couple of tunes for the bridge, but it’s got to work just right to point up those –erve rhymes. So far, it’s not functioning.

3 thoughts on “Dream Land

  1. A Day in the Moonlight is a trivial comedy for serious people. That’s the tag line I made up for it myself. That line’s never been used before, right?…Right?

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