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  1. I used them years ago when I was still doing the politics thing. They send out questionnaires to all of the candidates to try to provide a central source for learning their positions. It’s really very useful if you are into litmus test politics of any sort (liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, hollywood, etc.). If you are looking to really KNOW the person, you obviously either aren’t familiar with politics, or want to vote for someone who won’t win. In other words, this site provides information that is a mile wide, and an inch deep, which is exactly how most politics work.

  2. No, Kevin, I know who VoteSmart is, who are all those people on the list of presidential candidates?

    And of course you’ll vote for him, Mike: he’s a member of Actors Equity. Not me. We had an actor for President once. Filthy scum.

  3. Um DAle, about your three branches of government. Are you using Job Stewart’s book as your text book? And where do you put Mr. Cheney – under the corporate branch?

  4. Sorry. Make that Jon Stewart’s book, although he must feel like Job at times with all material he has to go through to put on his show.

  5. Are you kidding? I would never vote for someone just because he was an actor. I hate actors. But this guy…he’s onto something. He refers to Benito Mussolini as a “genius.” That’s attention grabbing!

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