Dream Land

Lest you think that all I’m doing these days is summarizing Proust Tolstoy, I did work last night. I plugged my lyrics for “Dream Land” into a simple little schottische, which will at least give me something to work against.

It’s funny that Jeff should proffer a verse about tooling around in a car, since one of the skeletal verses in my notebook is exactly that. He missed one of the subtleties of my rhyme scheme, which is OK since I personally find it difficult to understand lyrics on the page in terms of what music lies underneath them, unless they’re totally strophic.

So far, I’m not overly happy with these songs. They’re just filler, which I know is all they are anyway, but I’d like them to be a little better quality than just styrofoam pellets. The melodies are not resounding with me yet. I will persevere.

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