Sir Christémas: last chance

I think I’m done. I had about an hour this afternoon between getting home and having to come back to school for open house, and I just hacked out the ending. I resisted doing a flat da capo ending, but whatever I tried that was new and different just sounded lame. Finally I just gave in to centuries of tradition: end the thing the way you began it. I threw in some senseless interesting modulations every half measure just to make it sound a little different, and I think it’s done.

Last chance to kibbitz: PDF score and mp3 for your perusal. Tomorrow morning it goes in the mail.

5 thoughts on “Sir Christémas: last chance

  1. Given my significant experience as a composer and lyricist…

    Wait. Writing additional verses to bawdy fraternity drinking songs doesn’t really count in this context, does it?

    I continue to enjoy being a witness to your creative endeavors.

  2. Bawdy fraternity drinking songs?

    Go here and download the PDF for O Alleluia!. Then listen to it here, then go read Henry Purcell’s original song… well, what do you know, “Sir Walter” is nowhere online!

    Here are the lyrics as far as I can remember them:

    Sir Walter, enjoying his damsel one night,
    tickled and pleased her to so great a height
    that she could not contain near the end of the matter,
    but in rapture cried out, “O sweet Sir Walter!
    O sweet Sir Walter! Sweet Sir, sweet Sir Walter,
    O swisser swasser swisser swasser swisser swasser swisser swasser!”

    Those are some great songs: “Sir Walter,” “Julia Try’d,” all those tavern songs. Good times.

  3. Very festive modulating. And very Lylesian. Yeah, those honky midi voice sounds don’t serve it very well. Nicely done!

  4. It took you almost two weeks to come up with this. Why I could have done it in less than a few years maybe, but not nearly so well.

    Great job in a timely fashion!

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