Sir Christémas: nearly done

So close, so close! I worked hard tonight, cutting and pasting, listening for that inner camera (how do you like them synaesthetic metaphors?) that would show me what the final piece should sound/look like.

I think I’m done except for the ending, and I know what it should be. It’s just late now and I think I’m going to deal with that tomorrow night. That way it’s still very, very shiny when I pop it in the mail on Friday morning.

If you like, here are the PDF score and the mp3. (The mp3 is pretty big, so be forewarned.)

It’s not too shabby, and it’s actually fun to sing. I can hear a lot of subtleties that the computer is just not getting but that a chorus and celestist would, like in the third verse, which should be as gentle as possible and probably slower than I have it marked.

There are a lot of blank measures at the end, so a lot of dead air at the end of the mp3. I’m not fixing it tonight.

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