Regrouping (Day 276/365)

When an event like the William Blake’s Inn backers audition roars through one’s life, it’s like the disruptive force of the Marmalade Man: everything is turned upside down with no time nor energy nor focus to set it right.

So for the past week, the house has gone uncleaned, meals uncooked, items untidied. My life has been disrupted, broken apart by one evening, an important one, but just one evening. Now it’s time to put it back together.

I’ve spent some of yesterday and some of today packing away the Inn stuff: Toast Heads, sunflowers, brushes, hardware, etc. Some stuff has to go back to school. Books need to be shelved. Reference clippings need to be put into the scrapbook.

In some way, it’s like the music to the Epilogue: we’ve reached the end of the journey and need to sort it all out, looking back and cleaning away. And that’s part of the creative process as well, just tidying up and thinking about it all, before beginning the next project.

Not that this one is over, by a long shot. Now the hard part begins, taking it all forward to the world premiere. How many ideas will fall by the wayside? How many compromises will we have to make? How many concepts will be executed in ways that do not match our dream?

That’s tomorrow. Today, I clean up.

89 days to go.

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