D-1 (Day 272/365)

More swan dress, more netting. More gathering of dozens of yards of material. More dirty words under my breath. But it’s getting closer.

However, I had begun to suspect that I was not being told the entire story on the Relay for Life drag show, so I did some emailing around to find out the whole truth. It was as I suspected: there is a talent portion. I have tracked down a karaoke version of “Sempre libera” from La Traviata, but whether I can get it transposed in time for me to learn it is another story.

I tracked down a green cummerbund for the Rabbit (and a gold bowtie for the King of Cats), so that’s my last stab at getting ready for tomorrow night.

Bette copied me on email to the Cultural Arts Commission, outlining all the food quotes she’s pulled from the book to decorate the refreshments table with. I forwarded it to Nancy; I think we amuse her.

And finally, huzzah! Tonight’s rehearsal was great! All of us were there, and what a difference that makes: the music sounded as good as it ever has. And the staging is startlingly good. I think people are going to be surprised, delighted, and impressed.

93 days to go.

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