Work in progress (Day 262/365)

I sat in the back yard this afternoon, soaking up the lovely weather and reading through the State STAR Student resumés and applications. Once again, a stunning group of students. We will interview them on Wednesday and pick one as the State STAR, often a tricky proposition as you can imagine.

I also took a hard look at what we accomplished yesterday at the set crew for William Blake’s Inn. Here’s what we still need to do in the next seven days, with the items in green being the ones I think I can get done before Friday:


  • reinforce breaks in edges with slices of “corner cardboard”; attach with box rivets
  • finish painting “woodwork”
  • glue chair rails to walls
  • paint fireplace panel with architectural detail
  • cut final fireplace opening
  • hang black fabric on fireplace opening
  • paint architectural detail on other walls


  • cut out cup handles (cardboard)
  • cut out pot handles (cardboard)
  • cut out tray
  • paper maché tray
  • shape cups
  • shape pot
  • attach cup handles
  • attach pot handle
  • paint cups
  • paint pot
  • paint tray


  • make turtle heads, feet (cardboard)
  • shape turtles
  • paint turtles
  • cut panes
  • glue topaz plastic (spray with hairspray/starch?)
  • cut out turtle bases (x3)
  • cut out turtle wheels (x3)
  • cut dowels for axles (x3)
  • make axel mounts (duct tape: create ring of duct tape, tape ring to base) (x3)
  • mount lights to base (x3)
  • mount turtle to base (x3)
  • string turtles


  • assemble frames
  • cut out cardboard faces
  • cut rope for handles
  • drill holes for handles in top center brace
  • mount faces
  • attach handles
  • paint


  • We need just to find a small table and drape something over it.


  • drill holes 2 ft up: 1/2” hole
  • insert 12” tube through hole
  • punch holes in top fabric (to avoid drill wrap!)
  • drill holes in tops: L, R, C
  • nsert screweye in top of pole
  • mount tops: bolt one banner, insert C bolt through eye, bolt other banner (nuts on either side of banner top)
  • screweye on ends of bottoms
  • wire bottoms through tube
  • paint banners


  • cut out gong, beater
  • paint gong, bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, drum sticks (5)
  • mount straps on bass drum, snare drum


  • cut head holes in boards
  • cut foam: f/b = 12×14; sides = 121×11 (x10)
  • cut construction paper faces: f/b = 12×14; sides = 12×13
  • glue toast to construction paper
  • assemble foam panels in square
  • measure individual Toast Head, position head piece in foam block
  • attach foam to head piece
  • cut eye slit


  • cut 2×2 (12)
  • mount front face to 2×2, flush to floor
  • mount bottom to 2×2, flush with front face
  • paint front white
  • paint “inside” green w/ flowers
  • add felt sliders to bottom


  • cut backpack up
  • cut tabs for wings
  • cut out wings (cardboard)
  • paint wings (reddish phalanges; blue feathers)
  • attach wings to tabs
  • build angel gown (velcro slits in back to pull down over wings) [Carol Lee]


  • draft vest pattern to fit Dale (or buy one)
  • cut out vest: purple shag for front; gold lamé for back
  • sew vest

If you’d like to help, email me. If you’d like your personal copy of this punchlist, click here.

In addition to these items, I personally have to re-record most of the songs, i.e., bring them up in the new version of Finale and create new sound files from them. With any luck, my new laptop will be able to make the AIFF files without any hiccups (as currently exist in Milky Way and Postcard, to name two.)

Then I have to import those AIFF files into Final Cut Express and create a video for each song, with at least the lyrics and hopefully with images we’ve been creating in workshop since January. I have three done (Prologue through Wonderful Car). That’s a lot still to do.

I have to burn the DVD of all those videos, or rather the one long, 45-minute video, which we can pause between songs.

I have to create the program for the May 3 performance, get that to the printer, and get it picked up.

This is not counting the workshop/rehearsal Wednesday night, nor is it counting my involvement as chair of the State STAR Student event, which will devour Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/nights.

And it’s not counting the Bjork swan dress I have to make before May 4.


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