Marmalade Man (Day 256/365)

Normally, Monday’s a bust and I have to claim Masterworks as my creativity, but I got some things done today.

I got the invitation for the backers audition done and took it to the printers. Unfortunately, their copier is not picking up the subtler bits of the sunflower I screened in behind the type. So I have to get that done again tomorrow.

I got Man in the Marmalade Hat notated in my storyboard Moleskine. Good thing, too, because as we get into the second verse, things turn very complicated onstage. I will be glad Wednesday night when I have a small horde of hedgehogs that I know exactly where everybody needs to be every single measure in the music.

The only question I have about our choreography is whether to bring the Gang back in for the close-order drill. I think it would be wonderful to have them doing their close-order drill, surrounded by hedgehogs who are not.

This afternoon, I got two CDs that I forgot I had ordered. No wonder, since they came from Germany and took a long time to get here. They’re from the same man who wrote Höfische Tänze, the book I used back at UGA to research most of the dances we did in the Period Dance Group. Some of them are to accompany the dances in the book, but many are new and different. One CD is Historische Tänze, von der Volte zum Galopp, and the other is Höfische Tänze/Alte Kontratänze aus England. That second one has instructions for the contradanses, so I can tell that I’m going to be brushing up on my German next month as I get ready for period dance lessons at GHP.

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