Make Way (Day 252/365)

So tonight, finally, I had an evening clear, and I chained myself to my computer. It seems to have worked.

I got the Wise Cow’s first verse scored, pulling back on the waltz chorus so that it plays against the expansive nature of the theme, building a little suspense. Again, I find that cutting back on the orchestration is very effective.

I was able to take the old flute/oboe combo for the Rabbit’s part of the verse and reinstate it for the second verse. Likewise, for the Wise Cow’s part, and for her waltz chorus, I added a little more to the mix. It may be too much, but by now I’m used to paring everything away when I need to.

My goal was to make it to the timpani roll and trumpet fanfare of the third verse, and I did. I held the trumpets in reserve for that moment, and I think it’s going to be lots of fun. I stopped there, but I’ll flesh out that part tomorrow night.

It’s the big finish that will take the most time now. The Wise Cow’s verse will be all pure, shimmery strings, then the waltz chorus will be tutti all the way. Expect harp glissandi.

In other news, the shakedown from the Cultural Arts Commission meeting continues to play out: further meetings, guest lists, etc. By May 3, we should be pretty much prepared to move forward. It’s too exciting.

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