Nothing (Day 232/365)

Alas, I got nothing. Worked on regular stuff all day and didn’t get a single thing created. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Nothing (Day 232/365)

  1. Whether it’s an ironic “Sorry” or not, much can be gained from reflecting on the qualities of that Other to whom (to which?) the apology is addressed. Or does this “Sorry” have a secret life as an adjective, playing cat and mouse with its referent?

  2. I guess it’s a sincere apology to those who, for whatever reason, read this blog and find some enjoyment/enrichment in my journey. It’s because I do feel guilty/inadequate at not having done anything deliberately creative that day.

    Of course, my whole day was spent doing creative things one way or the other, but it was all journeyman stuff, just getting things done. None of it was “making the thing that was not.”

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