Small accomplishments (Day 231/365)

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on anything today. More messing around with the 100 Book Club business at school, but mostly I had promised to emcee the school’s talent show tonight. It was not an ordeal by any means, but it sucked up most of the evening.

So I settled for taking a second look at William Blake’s Inn for Innocent & Experienced Travelers. I figure now that I have a computer that can handle most of what I can think of, it’s time to revisit each of the pieces and see what I left out in each one. It’s mostly going to be percussion, which always used to (and sometimes still does) throw the sound for a loop.

For instance, in William Blake’s Inn, I’ve added a gong to the proceedings. If I get adventurous, I’m thinking about some rolled cymbals and some windchimes as well.

Anyway, it’s posted over at the William Blake page.

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