Musings (Day 163/365)

This was one of those days where any creativity going on was in my head, ideas and strategies and possibilities stalking around in my head like antsy cats not knowing what they want.

Part of the unsettledness of my thoughts is due to the fact that we are in the middle of undecorating the house. That’s right: it’s the middle of January and we’re just now taking down the Christmas decorations. Well, we never take them down until after New Year’s anyway, but this year we decided to spend time with Grayson rather than undecorate, then we had to take him back to school, then there was the preparation for the First Look… So this is our first chance.

But it also means that I can’t sit down to post about Wednesday night, nor do the report for Nancy Willard, nor a followup article for the newspaper. Three major writings that I can’t get done.

I have ordered a new laptop, huzzah!, so I will finally be able to orchestrate the remaining pieces without the memory hiccups that I’ve been grumbling about. It left Shanghai today, give or take an International Date Line, so I should get it next week. I’ll keep you posted as I obsessively track its progress via FedEx.

And finally, Marc has suggested that we need some kind of online workspace where we can dump the images and websites and ideas we have about each piece in William Blake. I think I’ve found one: Check it out and see what you think. I didn’t have time to explore it, but it looks as if it’s perfect what our collaborative efforts will require.

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