D + 1 (Day 162/365)

Last night was such a rush that I was floating all day long.

E-mails kept arriving congratulating me on the music. Laura Hauser, who had brought her three daughters to hear it, presented me with two cat dishes for the King of Cats, one containing “catnip from the other side” and the other “a heavenly nine-mouse stew.” She said they were “mesmerized” by the entire thing.

Of course, now the real work begins. We (Marc and I) have given ourselves two weeks to get ready to lead the workshop which will produce performances of three of the pieces: Sun & Moon Circus, Man in the Marmalade Hat, and Two Sunflowers.

I have to write a prospectus of the whole project to have on hand for prospective backers.

I have to produce a video which will show what we did in Scotland and how we hope to replicate that experience here.

I have to get together a reasonable projected budget to present in April.

And of course, I still have to score Man in the Marmalade Hat, Make Way, and Tale of the Tailor! And at some point, I have to revisit the Epilogue.

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