Little things (Day 151/365)

I managed to get some little picky things done today:

  • revamped a couple of the sound files, so that Blake’s Wonderful Car doesn’t scare the bejebus out of you when it starts playing (it was too loud); and you can now hear the marimba starting Rabbit Reveals My Room
  • printed out the postcards for First Look and got those addressed
  • continued tinkering with the Keynote slideshow for the lyrics for First Look

I did not get to Lawrenceville to see the Metropolitan Opera’s Magic Flute. I shall have to steal from Julie Taymor by watching the trailer a couple of times.

A shipment from Amazon came in today: The Complete Book of Puppetry, by George Latshaw, an American master who died a couple of weeks ago; and The Foam Book: an easy guide to building polyfoam puppets, by Donald Devet.

The Foam book is very practical. The Complete Book is not, as I thought it would be, a guide to all the different kinds of puppets (and how to make them), but actually a training guide for puppeteers, which will probably be a lot more useful. I’ll be posting more on it as I read through it.

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