First Look Prelude (Day 150/365)

I actually wrote music today. As promised, I wrote a small prelude to go with the opening title slides of the lyrics slideshow for First Look. It’s not the best, and I’m not sure it matches the slides in a way that is most appropriate, but it’s pretty. It starts out with a deconstructed version of the Blake theme (from 1. William Blake’s Inn), then seques into the B theme from 10. Milky Way, which repeats in a different key, then subsides into chords, ending with a solo flute rendering of the Blake theme.

I would like to go see the Metropolitan Opera’s Magic Flute tomorrow in Lawrenceville, which is the closest movie theatre broadcasting the performance in high definition. The production is designed/directed by Julie Taymor, so there would be lots to marvel at and steal from.

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