Nearly there (Day 123/365)

Only six blank measures to go in Milky Way!

I’ve smoothed out the rat’s issues and moved into and through the final stanza, and even into the coda, which is just a repeat of mm. 68-69. Since the next two measures are just a repeat of those measures, transposed up a sixth, I should be able to finish this piece on Sunday morning.

I’ve developed this sense of completion, of being finished in some way, which is stupid, since although Milky Way is the last piece I composed (always excepting the Epilogue), I still have Marmalade Man, Make Way, and Tale of the Tailor to orchestrate. I have a long way to go before I sleep!

Still, I don’t expect any of them to have the issues that Milky Way has presented. They are pretty straightforward, without the shifting moods of this piece. They also don’t present issues of delicacy, transparency, grandeur, profundity, etc., that a walk across the night sky might.

By the way, anyone who is interested in hearing A Visit to William Blake’s Inn played through in its entirety is invited to come to the Newnan School of Dance on Wednesday, January 10, at 7:00. For full details, see the Lacuna Group.