Some interesting headway (Day 122/365)

Tonight was the Masterworks concert, so that was going to count as my creativity for the day, and it was a very good concert, but then something unexpected happened.

After the concert, Ginny was supposed to meet up with her book club buddies for coffee, but she had read the invitation wrong, so we came home and got comfortable. Soon, though, Bette Hickman showed up looking for Ginny, and we all went out for a late supper. While Ginny changed back into clothes, I dragged Bette upstairs to hear Milky Way and to let her know we were going to move on this starting in January.

She liked the music, and over supper we talked about getting all the necessary ducks in a row. So the piece of the puzzle over which I had no control, i.e., the machinery necessary to procure space/funding/backing, is in place.

All in all, a very creative evening.

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