CSS explorations (Day 61/365)

After cleaning house and my desk, I spent most of the day tinkering with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and trying to learn how it works.

Well, I think I know how it works, but getting it to actually perform is another thing. I tried two different approaches at the same time: downloading barebones templates that the author of this book offers on his website, and opening templates from within DreamWeaver. It might seem easier if I actually had a week off and had a chance to sit down with the book and go through it step by step.

I was almost successful in wresting the template to my will, although often I would change the color of a heading in a particular section in the stylesheet, and the actual webpage wouldn’t change at all. My goal is a revamping of my main website.

Another curious frustration is that none of the images I plugged into the page would show up in the browser. I haven’t read anything in my CSS research that suggests I have to trigger the display of images, so that may be tomorrow’s problem to solve.

In other news, we went to Decatur to celebrate Jobie Johnson’s 30th birthday. We left earlyish to make room for younger celebrants, so I’m sure we missed the male strippers.

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