A tiny change (Day 60/365)

Actually, this was another of those “life of glamor” days, where we attended the reception for Françoise Gilot and the renaming of the gallery at the Centre in her honor.

Still, every little bit helps, and today I fixed the harmony on that one transition in “Milky Way” that has bugged me, and probably everyone who had heard the piece. It’s the one where we’re moving into the Rabbit’s plaint that he’s getting cold. In the sequence of far-ranging chords that come after the main theme, we originally land on E major. This time, we hit E minor for the Rabbit. The problem was that chord between the E minor chord and the Rabbit’s entrance in E minor. Now, you might think that this was easy enough, just back off to B7 or something and come back in. But that didn’t really work for me.

So I played around and ended up going from the C minor chord in the far-ranging sequence into an F# min6 (who knew?) instead of a G# minor and dropping the entire “resolution” measure entirely. I think it works a lot better.

update later: I tinkered with the bass line and now it’s a B9. I’m getting so adventurous.

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