Next… (Day 51/365)

And now… “Blake’s Wonderful Car Delivers Us Wonderfully Well” in score and mp3.

I’m becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the limits of what Finale can do in terms of aping a real orchestra. But better solutions are both expensive (like Finale is not??) and time-consuming. This will have to do till we get into rehearsal.

2 thoughts on “Next… (Day 51/365)

  1. One option which will involve some expense but which might give you some satisfaction: invest in audio production software (whatever’s good for Mac), then use your midi files to trigger audio samples of instruments–experiment with playing back the tracks using different audio samples and processing treatments.

    Send me an orchestral midi file and I’ll fiddle with it on Cakewalk (not that I have a huge set of audio sample options, but some…and even playing with reverb can produce more “lifelike” results). There is also a variety in the world of midi interface playback software. What do you use?

  2. I use either Finale or Intuem. I actually have the Garritan Personal Orchestra for Finale, which is pure sampled orchestral instruments, but it’s a huge memory hog, plus there are no vocal sounds, which leaves the chorus out completely.

    Intuem was not sucking up MIDI files correctly; I had hoped to be able to play with that.

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