Done (Day 44/365)

I’m finished.

After twenty years of working on it, I have finished the main composition of A Visit to William Blake’s Inn. At 8:40 pm, tonight, I wrote the last notes of “10. Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way,” the piece which I have avoided for nineteen years and which I finally blundered my way through.

I still have some tweaking to one or two parts of “Milky Way,” I probably still have to write a prologue and an epilogue, I still have to orchestrate the whole thing, and I probably have to rewrite nearly every other piece in the whole work, but I have done it.

I think I’ve been successful with “Milky Way.” It’s complex, it’s structured, it sounds like walking through stars, it has wry humor, it has joy. Can’t wait to hear it orchestrated.

For those who care, here is a PDF of the piano/vocal score, and here is a link to an mp3 of the score. Try to imagine it with a small orchestra. Harp included.

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