Wag the dog: a rant

Sorry, dear conservative readers, but I probably am going to be ranting much of the rest of today.

You who know me know that I oppose(d) the war in Iraq as needless. We were lied to about its necessity and its rationale, and now we have an unholy mess on our hands in every imaginable way. Incredibly, we are still being lied to, which does not surprise me, of course. I am not easily shocked, if you will recall.

However, here’s a familiar photo that shocked me just now:

Don’t recognize it? Sure you do. You saw it over and over and over three years ago.

Maybe you’ll recognize it through the Fox News (and other mainstream media) lens:

Damn that wide angle lens. It just keeps missing those liberated throngs.

Wag the dog, folks, wag the damned dog.

UPDATE, 9/23/06:

Here’s a photo that was on the front cover of the paper today:

©2006, NYT

This is hundreds of thousands of people in Beirut, greeting the leader of Hezbollah.

See, CNN/Fox/et al., this is what crowds of enthusiastic people cheering their liberators looks like. I bet if we could zoom in, we’d even see some flowers in there. (Having seen a close-up, I can only say that there were AK-47s for sure.)

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