Another site (Day 41/365)

Go here:

Take a side trip to the “this” link. Then come back and work your way back through the little series of his non-brush exploration. Very cool.

In many ways I’m jealous of all these artists who are doing the “thing-a-day” thing, because they can scan/photo their results and post them, and then they have pretty colors in their blog. Even if I get something done, it’s all incomprehensible black-and-white marks.

Oh well, I’m off to work , and hopefully finish, sketching out the rest of “Milky Way.” With any luck, we’ll have more incomprehensible black-and-white marks to look at today.

Noon: So close, so close, so close!! I got the rat grumbling, and I have the final stanza sketched out, but the counter-rhythms are all messed up. I want it to be more open, more relaxed than the nervous little figures at the beginning of the journey, but I can’t make them fit. And I’m hungry, so I’m outta here.

5:15ish: Well, after a nice lunch and a visit to Anne Powell for her birthday, that didn’t take long at all to fix. It wasn’t necessarily the rhythms, but the key. It’s all done but the sweeping coda. This is a very strange feeling, to know that by the end of Tuesday night, I’ll be finished with the main composition of A Visit to William Blake’s Inn. (Marc would want to know that I just typed End instead of Inn.)

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