Notebooks! (Day 40/365)

I traveled to Flowery Branch High School this morning, very early this morning, to teach James Wagoner’s cast of Pride & Prejudice some country dances and the waltz. Great fun, although it made for a tiring day. I haven’t had time today to create a thing myself, just passed along some knowledge.

But I did come across a couple of websites that I really like and want to share. They’re both about using notebooks as repositories for organization and creativity.

They are Moleskinerie and Notebookism. Classy names, eh wot?

I love notebooks and blank books. I have lots. I have one for William Blake, one for Marriage of Figaro, a general one for general creativity (which includes notes/diaries on the penguin opera and the symphony). I have one for Lacuna, hey, someone needs to make me call Joe Crain to see if we can get a berth in the old Manget-Brannon building.

I have a plain Moleskine that I use for travel, making notes of things we see or places we plan to go, very handy in a big city or strange place. (I also have a travel diary to record the day’s events.) I have a music Moleskine that I use on my walks.

I have about a dozen old sketchbooks from my theatre years, with set and costume sketches.

And now it looks as if I need one more Moleskine for my Getting Things Done notebook. Like the author of this site, I am fascinated by the GTD system and all the glorious organization that it implies, but it is just too much. I have my own Day-Runner modification that I use during the summers, wherein I run all the To-Do pages through my laser printer and add columns: People to Call, Things to Produce, Things to Do, and Things to Buy. And that serves for most purposes. But the full zippered notebook is just too big to carry around during the year along with my laptop.

Yes, I already have a Moleskine. But that’s for travel. I need one for every day. Yep. Sure do.

Anyway, back to the two notebook sites. I was fascinated by the way the people on these sites seem to fill their pages with art. I only fill mine with words, at least since I stopped designing. Perhaps that will return when we start working on William Blake in earnest.

One of the sites linked to SketchCrawl. Sounds fun, if challenging. Somebody do this and get back to us on how it went.

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