About that T-shirt

If you were brave enough to click on the t-shirt link in Thursday’s post, you already know this: there’s a Curriculum Liberation Front store, and you can own your own CLF coffee mug, or t-shirt, or tote-bag. What can I say? What started as a small joke turned into a great way to waste a Friday night.

But seriously, as I was letting my imagination run riot with all the gear, I began to think that one could use CLF as a humorous way to insert oneself into the curriculum revision process. Imagine, sending a postcard to a grade level chair/dept. chair, that has the logo, the motto (“When knowing stuff is not enough”) and a simple little “The media center invites your cooperation.” And the notecard opens simply to say, “Cooperate.”

You’ve read this a million times, and you should especially read it in your very own copy of Curriculum Partner: redefining the role of the media specialist, by Carol A. Kearney: you must promote yourself as a curriculum partner, relentlessly. As you already know, we’re trained to plan with teachers, but they are not trained to plan with us, so we have to market our services and skills without ceasing. I’m going to use the Curriculum Liberation Front as one tool to get their attention. That, and cookies.

I’ve also decided that if I work real hard in December, I can put my QCC/GPS analysis into book form, and then you can buy your very own copy along with your mug and your boxer shorts. What better way to show the teachers you know what you’re doing and that you mean business? My teachers have already used the charts I’ve done as they’ve been planning units, so I know yours will jump at the chance to work with you and your little “GPS book.” As soon as I’ve gotten them written…

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