Information Literacy Standards

This just in: Judy Serritella, the very fine Coordinator of Library Media Services, up at the DOE in Educational Technology…and Media [ellipsis added], sent us a link to the ALA’s Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning. It’s downloadable as a PDF file from ALA at

Very complete, very nice, and absolutely necessary document.

And completely irrelevant. Admirable as these standards are, they are completely unaddressed in our GPS curriculum and therefore unassessed. (Hey, that’s good: “What’s unaddressed is unassessed.” I want a t-shirt.) And as we all know, if it ain’t assessed, it ain’t taught. Or as the t-shirt might have it, “What’s unaddressed is unassessed, and vice versa.” Y’all want that in a beefy T or baby doll?

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