Burning Man: mapping the field of ritual, part 2

Continuing our examination of Ronald Grimes’s mapping of rituals, from the second chapter of his Beginnings in ritual studies. : Ritual objects : What, and how many, objects are associated with the rite? … Of what materials are they made? … What is done with it? … What skills were involved in its making? This […]

Burning Man: mapping the field of ritual

I highly recommend, if you are interested in the inner workings of ritual, Beginnings in ritual studies, by Ronald L. Grimes.  It’s introductory, nicely analytical, and clearly written, unlike that other pillar of ritual studies, The ritual process, by Victor W. Turner.  Also useful and readable is Liberating rites, by Tom F. Driver.  (This is […]

Meditation: Spiritual progress

Okay, this one I do not get. That has to be because either I was at a fairly advanced spiritual state to begin with or I’ve never advanced beyond some kind of larval stage. What does it mean? When I was young, it would have meant “growing in Christ” or a “deepening relationship with God.” […]

Life’s small pleasures

A simple task in my to-do app: Call Medicare. This is my prompt to call Anthem/Blue Cross to double-check on my Medicare coverage, which kicked in on May 1. Why? Because I continue to receive mailings from Anthem asking me to sign up for Medicare coverage as well as mailings confirming my coverage. I want […]

Italy — Day 7

It’s still Wednesday, and I’m somewhere over the North Atlantic. Evidence of Hurricane Florence is not yet apparent. Here’s the view from the plane’s camera: [update: as we approached Hartsfield-Jackson, we flew over the property where Alchemy will be held — I got to see my domain from above!] Pretty spiffy, but there is no […]

Italy, Day 5

A reminder that it is 5:00 pm on Monday, September 10, and this is my view as I sip my Negroni: That is Mt. Vesuvius. My Lovely First Wife [LFW] is still on the Isle of Capri. Onward! Thursday, September 6: Assisi There’s actually not a lot to say about Assisi — it’s a miniscule […]