Labyrinth update: end stones

After months of procrastination planning, I finally got around to creating the new endpoints for the labyrinth.

Digging out the holes for the forms was easy.  Next I mixed up the concrete—slightly nerve-wracking, since I’ve never done this before—and scooped the muck into them.  I knew enough to shake the form a bit to get any air bubbles out, although truly the structural integrity of the bricks is not an issue.

After I got them poured and they set up for about an hour, I decided that I did want the alchemical symbols for the four classical elements engraved into them.  I cast about for ways to do that and came up with a simple solution: a flower pot and a folded piece of cardboard.

So here we have…







and FIRE.

I realized that if this doesn’t work out—and there are some issues I may not be able to stand—I have half a bag of concrete mix still available.

(I had extra concrete this time, which I used to pour a small slab for the westpoint bowl’s stand to sit on.  It had begun to list.)

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