I had a realization this morning.

People who voted for the Current Republican Administration have gotten very defensive about their new leader.  It seems that the rest of the world looks on agape as the man flounders his way through actually governing the nation, and his supporters are miffed when anyone points out that on the whole a seven-year-old has better self-control and predictive skills.

“SNOWFLAKES!” they yell.  “HE WON! GET OVER IT!”  Their point seems to be that nuh-uh, he isn’t floundering, he’s the bestest President ever look at how he’s done the most of any President evAR.

Ahem, as Delores Umbridge would say.

This morning, I read this article and realized a thing.

Here’s the money quote:

“…because the president knows effectively nothing about policy, he doesn’t understand in advance whether developments have worked in his favor or not. Trump relies on media coverage to tell him, after the fact, whether he’s done well or poorly, and he then reacts accordingly.”

I would like to point out to the Trumpettes that this is why you voted for him.  The very fact that he knows nothing about policy, nothing about government, nothing about protocol, is why you voted for him.  You wanted someone who was going to go in like a bull in a china shop and wreck the status quo.

So when the rest of us point and laugh at the man because he trips over his own ego and ignorance at every turn, you don’t get to get huffy about it.  You have to embrace it.  “Yes,” you must say, “we admire him for getting all pissy because he lost the spending bill battle.  In fact, we love that he got outmaneuvered by the Democrats—we think that kind of incompetence is exactly what we need in the White House!  Drink Brawndo!”

Yep.  Keep reminding yourself: this is why I voted for him.  This.

The rest of us will keep pointing and laughing.

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