An answer, kind of, to an Easy Question

When I got home from the theatre yesterday, there was a message on the phone.  It was from a Drew Robinson, a pleasantly-voiced man, letting me know that Sen. David Perdue’s office had gotten my email about waterboarding (the PPE and several of his surrogates had suggested it was dandy).

This was just prior to my deciding to make this a blog series so I don’t have the exact wording of my email, but I essentially asked if my elected officials if they were down with the U.S. torturing prisoners in contravention of international law.

Mr. Robinson’s message, and I paraphrase, was to assure me they would be passing it along to the senator that I opposed the reintroduction of waterboarding in the Executive Branch.

You, being the astute reader that you are, will already have noticed that this is not really an answer to my question.  I appreciate that they’re not going to keep my opinion from the senator, but my question was whether David Perdue agreed with the PPE that we should be waterboarding.

And so back we go:

I had a voice mail on my machine yesterday from Drew Robinson from your office, assuring me that they would pass along to you my opposition to the U.S. waterboarding in contravention of international law (“in the Executive Branch,” as Mr. Robinson phrased it).  I appreciate the contact, but my question remains:

Do you agree with the presumptive president-elect’s position that the U.S. should waterboard its prisoners?

Astute readers will also have noticed that Mr. Robinson (presumably following office protocol) did not call the PPE by name.

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  1. Actually, I was an astute reader and upon the first read did note the oddity off the phrasing “to the executive branch.”

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