The GLRP, 11/07/16

Back at work on the Great Labyrinth Reclamation Project, this time on the southwest corner.

You may recall that the new fence, in cutting a straight line from one corner to the other, cut off some of my “landscaping” at the far end of the labyrinth, and so I am having to revamp that corner.  It’s always been problematic in that the bricks that I used to create a border were continually being covered over by soil washing down the little slope there.

So my plan is to build a small wall and fill that in with dirt.

Here’s the bottom layer of wall:

And more:

I didn’t buy quite enough blocks, so back to Home Depot today.  I will also buy the fill dirt to put in there and then seed it.

Meanwhile that back corner will become a nook of some kind:

I already had two large pieces of fieldstone, so I went ahead and put them down.  I’ll get to this area later this week.


2 thoughts on “The GLRP, 11/07/16

  1. As long as you’re doing some reclaiming, you know what the labyrinth needs? Some Lisa Frank influence. I don’t mean prisms hanging from the branches to rainbow-fy everything. Just one or two purple kittens. Or maybe a discreet unicorn and some glitter.

  2. Wow, I had no idea you were in this bad a shape! I feel guilty in letting you down like this. Please come down on Friday and I promise I’ll make it all better.

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