Retreat, Day 2

1:32 p.m.:

I’ve been working all morning, just futzing around with some sounds for the opening of SUN TRUE FIRE.  Think the opening to Das Rheingold, or to Kevin Puts’ Symphony No. 2.  Slow, low strings, building to some kind of crescendo…

I want to structure the entire work around the idea of a ritual: INVOCATION/CALL — AGONS (QUESTIONS, ENCOUNTERS, PROPHECIES) — REVELATION — RESOLUTION.  The opening needs to introduce us to the mystical landscape we’re about to enter, and then we will have some great pillars of sound, with a solo tenor calling us: “drunk among them, lead the way a clear voice way…”

Of what I’ve written today, here’s what’s worth sharing: STF opening abortive attempt

(I think it’s nice, and I think it would come after a longer buildup before this point.  It may go different paths than what I’ve indicated here.)

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