Well, hello there!

Mercy, it’s been a month and a half since I’ve been able to even visit my blog.

You may wonder why, with all the foolishness available from the Presidential campaign, I have not been ranting nonstop during this time.  Two reasons: 1) I realized it would not be a healthy choice; and b) I’ve been busy.  For real busy.

Since I last spoke up here, I have:

  • helped clean out and shut down my in-laws’ house in Virginia, including a massive tag sale and dragging what wasn’t sold back here
    • local tag sale still to come
  • guided theme camps for Alchemy through the registration process for placement
  • designed the layout for the burn (on new property and thus tabula rasa)
  • driven up to the property five or six times to double-check my measurements and campability of the terrain
  • placed all those theme camps as close as I could to their requirements (all of which were “flat, by the road, near the treeline, centrally located, but away from the sound camps”)
    • this included 109 pieces of graph paper moving around for two weeks on an enlarged-by-hand map
  • created the Google map of the theme camps, art installations, roads/paths, stages, neighborhoods, villages, and infrastructure
  • generated the files for theme camp signs
  • led the Placement Team on build weekend, mapping out the theme camps and roads with stakes and tape
    • many changes in the map as we discovered space/time warpage on the property
  • coordinated my own theme camp, 3 Old Men, which had grown from about six campers to sixteen
  • packed and loaded an 8×10 trailer full of tubs, tents, tables, and general stuff for 3 Old Men
  • played Placement Overlord as the theme camps began arriving, making adjustments/giving permissions on the fly
  • enjoyed the burn
  • brought it all home, unpacked it, cleaned it (red dust everywhere), repacked it, stowed it
  • during all of this, auditioned A Christmas Carol and began rehearsing it
    • including creating/writing a frame story for the show to accommodate all the little girls (and scarcely any adults) who auditioned
  • coached my Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year nominee in essay writing, speech giving, and interview skills
  • contracted for two huge oak trees to be taken down
    • which King Tree Service did in spectacular fashion, with a 30-ton crane reaching over the house to do so
  • contracted for a new fence for the back yard (First Fence of Georgia—they just started this morning, and so far I have nothing but praise for the entire company)
  • closed out my late mother’s estate

So yeah, I’ve been busy, too busy to write on this blog WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME??

We now return you to your regularly scheduled service.

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