Five Easier Pieces, an abortive attempt

I don’t know when I became averse to posting my abortive attempts, but I think it’s true that I have.  I’d like to be generous and say that it’s because I like to surprise and delight my readers with a finished product, but the truth is probably closer to the fact that when what I’m working on is a deliberately “simpler” piano piece that will probably be only two minutes long, I don’t want anyone to know how ineptly I struggle with hacking my way through it.

I’ve whined before about not being able to play the piano and how it hampers my growth/expertise as a composer, and never has that been more true than with these bagatelles.  (Another whine: my USB keyboard is extremely unreliable inside Finale, and today even playback volume became quirky.  There’s an upgrade, but I can’t apply it until Christmas Carol is over in case it borks everything, which is what happened several upgrades ago.)

Oh well.

Here’s “Easier Piece #5” as of today: mp3 (only about 30 seconds of music; the rest is blank measures that I will fill up.  With genius.)

<ETA> Here’s what I like about the piece so far: I like the way that the moving parts feel as if they are not bound by a specific meter.  It sounds like it’s trying to be a waltz, but the bass line won’t cooperate.  I like the almost clichéd fillip at the end of the main melody.  I like the potential of the second theme, and the work I’ve done on the piece since posting this morning leads me to believe that it will end up as a sonata allegro.  More later.

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