If I were a rich man…

Since I won the PowerBall a couple of weeks ago1, I thought I’d start sharing things I’ve been buying with my half a billion dollars.

Check this out:

Sweet, is it not? I figure if we’re going to camp with the hippies, we might as well be comfortable.

It’s from this company, and it’s only AUD 49,995, which even less in Ameros, less than $40,000, really.

We’d want to go check it out for ourselves of course, and I’m thinking the two weeks around Memorial Day would be a great time to go.  Round trip tickets to Sydney at that time will run us about $3500—I wonder how much business class would cost?  Expedia doesn’t really give you that option; I can see that it will take a little work to get the hang of this rich thing.  Are there still travel agents?

It took a while to find a really expensive hotel in Sydney, but the ADGE will do just fine.  That will run us another AUD 6,000.

Then we could have a good time going to see the Mark Morris Dance Group at the Opera House (AUD 99.00), perhaps a trip to Ayers Rock and/or Alice Springs ($1600 US), maybe even a third week over in New Zealand and do all the LoTR things ($6400.00 NZD).

Of course, there are the meals to consider, little extras like helicopter rides and Great Reef excursions and above all shipping our new camper back to Atlanta.

Still, just spitballing here, but it appears that the whole thing will cost less than $100,000.  Pfft.  That’s nothing.  So why don’t you just come with us too?  Free trips to Middle-Earth for everyone!


1I did not win the PowerBall.

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