A ‘found’ poem

These Next 5 Minutes will ‘Change’ Your life

Shaving away: your ‘Savings’ on Razors.
Drive your Partner – ‘Crazy’ in Bed Tonight.
No more ‘struggling’ – to hook your bra!
Thousands of ‘Jobs‘ — are 2 Mins Away!
We Are Recruiting ‘New Agents’ In Your Area
We have a ‘huge selection’ – of printer ink
Stop your Dog — from ‘Pulling’ on Walks
Protect your — ‘Garage Floor’ Today!
Extra cushioning and ‘odor protection’
Find Hot-deals on winter—‘Cruises’
5 BIG ‘Early Warning’ Signs of Memory Loss?
Need ‘pricing’ on local assisted living options…
We have a ‘massive’ number – of active members…
Do Not Live in Fear: of Loud Noises !

These of course came from spam emails in my spam filter.  The mysterious thing is that on Feb. 4, the quotation marks vanished from all the subject lines!

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