How to do it

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to  Ignore all the stuff at the top. Go to the bottom, the dark blue area, and find the white search box. Input your ZIP+4 and submit.
    1. (You may also want to register your own account here.)
  2. If you don’t know your ZIP+4 ZIP code, go here to find it.
  3. Here you will find all your elected officials, up and down the food chain.  Start at the Congress level.
  4. It’s no good looking for your Congresscritter’s email.  None of them have that any more.  Instead, they have ‘webmail,’ which allows them to restrict your input. F*ers.  Anyway, snag that webmail address.
    1. Do not look at the legislation your knuckledragging, Teahadist, dickweasel has voted for.  It will only ruin your sunny disposition.
  5. Open your Contacts list.  Create a new group.  Call it Elected Officials or Dickheads or something that you can remember.
  6. Create a new contact for the Congresscritter.  Paste in the webmail address under ‘home page’ or whatever your contact software has.  Don’t put it under email—it’s not an email address and will just make your mail program vomit.
  7. Do this for all your elected officials.
    1. State level officials may have actual email addresses.  Those you add as email, of course.
  8. Go to and register.
    1. It’s just as well to put VoteSmart and OpenCongress in as contacts in your Elected Officials group, along with your username and password.  Keep it all in one place.
  9. Now, whenever you read about proposed legislation that you think you’d like to influence one way or the other, open up your contacts and fire away.  It doesn’t do to be vituperative, but I have long since stopped trying to be anything but blunt in dealing with these people.

And that’s how you do it.

Do it.

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