And another thing!

For the past month I’ve been re-reading this blog, which is almost ten years old.  Due to one upgrade to WordPress or another, older posts have been displaying some weird and disturbing characteristics.  All oddball “special characters,” like anything umlauted or accented, got converted into some universal code.  I’ve let them go.

But the conversion of em-dashes, i.e., “—”, into space-comma-space cannot stand.  It makes me look like an illiterate purveyor of comma-spliced sentences.

So now I have to take the time (I’m in 2010) to open each post and find and replace all those instances of space-comma-space.  Ugh.  Two more and I will program a macro to do it all.


Or I could do this.  I could, you know.  I think.  Or you might never see this blog again…

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