Dream One, 1. “Joyfully gaze” orchestrated

Here’s the opening number.  It’s been done for about a week now, but I haven’t felt like putting it up for review yet.  Made a minor tweak this morning.  Again, I fear I am over-orchestrating.

Dream One, 1. “Let us joyfully gaze” | piano score [pdf] | orchestral mp3

That’s all you’re getting today, because I am now setting out to work in the labyrinth all day.

One thought on “Dream One, 1. “Joyfully gaze” orchestrated

  1. This not at all over-orchestrated. It is a perfect, knowing, inside-baseball nod to that 17th-18th-century continental style. And given what follows, it is all the more stunningly executed.
    Dale Lyles, you are a genius.

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